James E. Reynolds JR is a singer/songwriter from Thomasville, GA. Appreciative of his small-town roots and whose inspiration of singing and music fueled him. James started singing at the age of 15 in his hometown church. On Sunday morning, he would lead praise and worship. The emotion, tears and overall spirit James would experience from not only himself, but from the congregation inspired him to fulfill his passion for singing. As many of us have, James has experienced challenges in his life that motivated him to use song writing as an outlet from life’s challenging moments, with hopes of reaching listeners that may be going through similar seasons of life.

On the heels of his latest song “L W Y D” (Look What You’ve Done), he sings about a relationship that has ended. “Look What You’ve Done”, is the testimony of an unfaithful relationship and its ultimate demise. Those life altering events forcibly removed him from his comfort zone and gave him the motivation to release his first single. 

JA’Rey continues to grow in his artistry and is looking forward to sharing more heartfelt music with his listeners. JA’Rey’s dream is to leave his mark on the world through music that listeners can utilize as an emotional outlet. Whether the genre of music, his sincerest hope is that his music evokes emotions of comfort, joy and is soothing to your heart and soul.